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2012 Xbox 360® Touchdown Tour

Hey college football fans and tailgaters, unfortunately we had to put the Xbox 360 Touchdown Tour on hiatus for a year, but rest assured, we're looking to come back bigger and better in 2013. Our parent company, Touchdown Radio, is still broadcasting a big college football game of the week every week during the season, so check local listings for a game on the radio in your area.  Our schedule is here, so be sure and tune in to hear some of the biggest games of the year.

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2011 Xbox 360® Touchdown Tour

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, Stillwater, OK, 12.3.11

Well, the annual Bedlam game had a number of surprises in store for us - hanging out with 80's pop legend, Huey Lewis, torrential rain, wind, and lightning storms!  The night prior to the game, we ran into Huey Lewis AND the News in the hotel bar, and they didn't believe we had the Heisman... so we pulled it out of the truck and let them take photos with it!  Do you realize how many records these guys sold back in the 80's?  We digress.  Driving up to Stillwater from OK City on Saturday morning proved to be one of the hairiest experiences we have ever had on tour, and left us wondering how we were going to pull this off in the conditions.  Pouring rain, lightning everywhere, and huge wind gusts.  We stood under a tent and stared at eachother for about an hour, thinking how we were going to demo Xbox with Kinect, hook up a bunch of Windows Phones and make it through the day without electrocuting ourselves!  Well, wouldn't you know, the football gods were on our side... the skies parted (bucking weather forecasts), we set up, and wound up hosting a killer tailgate.  If you aren't familiar with OU and OK State, they reeeeeally don't like eachother, and OK State has been the stepchild for years in that state.  Well, this year, they took it to OU, crushing them 44-10 and making a solid case for a spot in the National Championship!  We're off for a couple weeks, then we wrap up the season in San Francisco for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on New Years Eve - see you there!

August 30th — Kickoff TBD
South Carolina @ Vanderbilt

September 1st — Kickoff at 4:00 PM EST
Miami @ Boston College

September 8th — Kickoff TBD
USC at Syracuse

September 15th — Kickoff TBD
Cal at Ohio State

September 22nd — Kickoff TBD
Kentucky at Florida

September 29th — Kickoff TBD
Arkansas at TX A

October 6th — Kickoff TBD
Georgia at South Carolina

October 13th — Kickoff TBD
Alabama at Missouri

October 20th — Kickoff TBD
Florida State at Miami

October 27th — Kickoff TBD
Mississippi State at Alabama

November 3rd — Kickoff TBD
Michigan at Minnesota

November 10th — Kickoff TBD
Georgia at Auburn

November 17th — Kickoff TBD
Ole Miss at LSU

November 24th — Kickoff TBD

December 31 — Kickoff at TBA
Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

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