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Facebook Twitter KINECT for Xbox 360 - Coming November 4th 2010
Xbox 360 With Kinect

You are
the controller.

When technology becomes invisible and intuitive, something special happens, you and your experience become one. No barriers, no boundaries, no gadgets, no gizmos, no learning curves. With Kinect, you are the controller. It's just the magic of you'your movement, your voice, your face, all effortlessly, naturally and beautifully transforming how you play and experience entertainment. Kinect is more than a name. It's the spirit of people and entertainment in total harmony. If you want to jump, then jump. To kick a ball, just kick. Wave your hand to play an HD movie, or maybe just say, "Play movie." With Kinect, all you have to do is be you.

Introducing the new Xbox 360®. Sleek new design, super quiet and Wi-Fi built-in for an easier connection to a world of entertainment on Xbox LIVE, where HD movies and TV stream instantly. Also with a huge hard drive you'll have plenty of space to store your favorite games, movies and music. Plus it's ready for the controller-free experience of KinectTM, where you don't just play the game, you are the game. The new Xbox 360. Here today, ready for tomorrow.

*Kinect coming November 2010.

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